I have two younger brothers, Jordan and Ryan. I don’t really remember going to the hospital to see Jordan when he was born (I was 2 at the time), but I do remember Ryan (when I was 5). I really don’t have any brotherly jealousies–you know that feeling some children get as if they are losing the spotlight–but there was always the occasional tiff. Don’t get me wrong though, I have two of the greatest brothers in the world but just they weren’t short of their annoyances.

Annoyance #1 – The copy-cat
This was the first annoyance I recognized. Jordan was the primary culprit. It comes with brotherdom that there is almost always a time when your younger brother will try to imitate your every move. At first it can be kindof cool. You pretty much are the focus of this young kid’s world…but later on it just gets plain annoying. You always have to shoot it straight with them. “No, you cannot go with me and Andy. We are playing Cowboys and Indians and you would just make this game chaotic.” “No, both you and I cannot be a magician (my first profession in life) at the same time.” Later on in high school the copy-cat syndrome changed into music tastes. Nowadays I am happy to say that for the most part the copy-cat syndrome is gone and more often times than not I find myself copying them.

Annoyance #2 – Playing the drums at the most inopportune times
It just so happens that Jordan is a drummer. He is an amazingingly talented drummer. But I am sad to say that it was not always this way. There was a time–yes a time that lasted several years–when Jordan had a drumset that he would play with little to no training. And he had a knack of playing the set at the most inopportune times, like say when I was playing an old school Playstation game like 2Xtreme or say when I was watching the latest episode of the Batman Superman Adventures. It just so happened that the drumset was located in the den, the room that contained the only television and game station – aka the entertainment center of the universe for a young middle/elementary schooler. The worst part about the whole escapade was the fact that the drum hits were random. Later on his terror did get better, but there was the whole LOUDNESS factor of it all. When he practices you can pretty much forget about concentration on your Algebra II exam. The one positive benefit of it all for me was I learned to love headphones.

Annoyance #3 – Here, let me mess up your magic trick
I was always very fond of magic tricks growing up. I would always spend my limited allowance money on any magic trick I could get my hands on at the local Wal-Mart. You know, like the occasional trick deck of cards or the disappearing handkerchief fake thumb. Anyway, Jordan LOVED (this could be quite possibly an understatement) to mess me up in the middle of the trick. So say I was presenting the disappearing handkerchief to my parents, well he would come up and rip the fake thumb right off my finger. At one point it got so bad that I had to hide all of my magicians equipment away where he could not find it–less he destroy my next greatest act. There was one trick that I’m pretty sure he never figured out. I believe it was when I took a pencil and carefully placed it through a Styrofoam cup filled with water without allowing any water to drip…even after removing the pencil.

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